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Login & Registration Platform

Redesigning the login & registration platform.

This project aimed to increase user login and registration rate. This project was a sub-project under the goal to increase user engagement.


How it began

Login and registration were not in favoured by the users. However, data and Hotjar recordings showed that users that arrived the login platform were struggling to login or register. 


We understood that a nicer platform would not help a huge increase in the login rate. But we admitted the platform was not optimised and would keep away potential user to login/register. 


We decided to polished and redesigned the login and registration platform, with the technical constrain of using Oauth 2.0. In other words, redesigned the platform without rebuilding the technical flow.


4REGISTER-confirm data-LG.png

Product : Responsive mobile view

Mobile Login1.png
Mobile Login 4.png
Mobile Login 2.png
Mobile Login 3.png


Old login LG.png
Old login LG-1.png
Old login LG-2.png
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