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Hotel Detail Page

Redesign and define the existing hotel detail page. This project was triggered by a competitor analysis I did. A follow-up user intention poll revealed the need to redefine the page that serves different viewport.


How it began

The Hotel detail page is ranked as the 4th most visited page among all other pages, while it also had a high exit rate. I did a competitor anaylsis and a UX analysis. I found out a few problems, including repetitive information, uncleaer Call to Action, and ungroup information. 


With these few thoughts, an in-site user intent poll was arranged.  we confirmed that the existing information architecture and the presentation were not best fulfilling the user intention.


After technical and SEO evaluation with the team, we decided to redesign the page, including restructuring the information, redesigning the visual presentation, and removing the repetitive information, with the sub-goal that we would avoid rebuilding the page.


HI - MD1.png
HI - MD2.png
HI - MD4.png
HI - MD3.png
HI - Review - MD.png
HI - Photo - MD.png

Product : Responsive Mobile View

Mobile HI.png
Mobile scroll HI.png
Mobile review HI.png
Mobile HI-1.png


old hi.png
old hi 2.png
old hi 3.png
old hi 4.png
old hi 5.png
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